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Awards Committee

Our main event is the WHO Banquet on even-numbered years and a President's Recognition Brunch on odd-numbered years. You will attend both events “gratis” as a member of the Awards Committee.  The Awards Committee is also responsible for selecting the State WHO Award (every year), Local WHO Awards on even numbered years. 

Community Engagement Committee

The goal of the Community Outreach Committee is to help coordinate SDCSCC and individual locals' interactions with Community Based Organizations (CBO). The committee will be responsible for identifying San Diego County community based organizations and interfacing with these organizations to assist with their various projects. The Community Outreach Committee will disseminate information through the San Diego Service Center Council members and local association presidents to support the various CBOs. Local associations and the SDCSCC can support the CBOs with donations, attending functions, and volunteering time.

Elections Committee

The Election team meets several times per year at the San Diego RRC to meet with Chapter Presidents and Chapter Election Chair's to establish timelines for State Council elections and NEA-RA State delegate elections. Election Committee members must also be available on "election night" to verify results as they come in and finalize the resutls. Election Committee members also maintain a “Buddy System” for newly elected reps to State Council. 

Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC) 

The purpose of the Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC) is to serve the CTA and Service Center communities by encouraging and enhancing the participation of ethnic minorities at all levels of organization.  EMAC members will collaborate with the Service Center Equity Team, comprised of EMAC, Women’s Issues/Leadership Committee, and Human Rights Committee, as sanctioned by CTA. 

Instruction & Professional Development Committee

The IPD Committee explores trainings and workshops available through CTA and elsewhere to assist our members with effective instructional techniques and supportive organizational workshops. The committee develops a survey, prioritizes trainings, and assists the chairperson in arranging the event.


Member Benefits Committee

The Member Benefits Committee provides information to local leaders about CTA and NEA benefits available for members.  It also works with CalSTRS to set up workshops throughout the year. Members work with other committees to provide information and swag from CTA sponsored vendors at workshops and trainings provided by the Service Center

Membership Committee

Take attendance at SDCSCC General Membership meeting. The Membership Committee meets at the San Diego RRC prior to each General Membership meeting to conduct: mailings, and calling chapters and State Council reps that were absent from prior SDCSCC General Membership meetings and invite them to  upcoming meetings.

Political Involvement Committee

Members train and are point members on candidate interview teams for school boards and in lobbying education issues at the local and state level.

Social Media

You will help maintain the San Diego County Service Center (SDCSCC) with their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter  account by working with the SDCSCC Steering Committees with posting photos, messages, and event announcements. Work with the SDCSCC Steering Committee in sending out a monthly Newsletter to be sent out on the second Tuesday of the month to all representatives of the San Diego County Service Center. Work with CTA staff in updating the SDCSCC website.

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