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CTA State Council of Education

Setting forth CTA policy, developing legislation and making recommendations in general elections.

Passionate and Powerful Voices

CTA’s top policy-making body is the State Council of Education. Meeting four times a year, the council’s nearly 800 delegates elect the three state-level CTA officers and the CTA Board of Directors. Council also sets forth CTA policy, develops legislation, and makes recommendations in general elections.

What are the Duties of a State Council Delegate?

State Council delegates regularly attend all four meetings of the State Council of Education, participate actively in the work of committees to which they are assigned, become informed on professional and educational matters in the chapter(s) represented and be prepared to make appropriate presentation of recommendations originating in the chapter(s).
Delegates report regularly to their chapter(s) regarding the deliberations and actions of the State Council of Education and attend and participate in the meetings and activities of the Service Center Council of which their chapter is a part.
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